Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I thought I would share some pictures of Tucker, our Yorkchon (that's half Yorkie and half Bichon) with you all. Little Tuck is 14 weeks old and has been a part of our family for 6 weeks. He is the very first pet that I've ever had and he's proving to be the sweetest, smartest dog that I've ever met. Seriously, he's learned to sit and shake in the last 2 weeks and now to impress people, I make him do it while we're in the elevator.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Relaxation

I spent this weekend attempting to try and recuperate from a busy week at work and the overall blah feelings I've been having about life in general. Friday night, Ross and I went to one of our favorite places for happy hour with some of our friends. It was great to be in good company and eat good food. We came home and had an early night- having a puppy and it being really cold here in DC makes it an easy decision to stay in.

Saturday morning, we took Tucker to get his first puppy haircut, had breakfast at this cute little diner, and worked on getting our Christmas presents together. I'm doing these awesome frames for our grandparents and trying to take advantage printing photos and giving personalized gifts.
Yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday so we spent some time with my family today and took some time this morning to enjoy doing nothing. It was awesome.

It was great to have some down time this weekend and to not really have anywhere to be. Hope you had a good weekend with your friends and family!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


With the pretty awful experience that I had this past weekend, I'm trying to rebound. Mentally and physically. I'm trying to take the best care of myself that I possibly can, by scheduling appointments and making sure all of my diabetes supplies are fully stocked, and by wearing my Dexcom starting tonight since my new batch of sensors arrived this afternoon. Counting carbs, bolusing, and check constantly.

Mentally, I'm trying to forgive myself for what happened. I'm trying to live by what my dad told me on Sunday morning: this was just a bad lap. If I focus on that lap, I'm never going to win the race. I need to adjust the car, tighten the seat belts, and drive. (Yes, I grew up in a NASCAR household---and my dad is great at motivating me). And I'm trying to not think about the "what ifs".

I'm hoping that with the weekend approaching and the fact I don't have a ton of stuff to do, I can relax, catch up on sleep, and enter next week ready to face whatever's thrown my way.

When things like this happen does it take you a bit to rebound and get it together?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My not so great Black Friday

This weekend I spent some time with my best friend in VA Beach, doing fun girl stuff and catching up. It really hasn't been the two of us since college, so we went shopping and made plans to go out with her coworkers on Friday night and I was soooo excited. We got ready together, listened to music, and had a snack, just like our college days. Before we left, my blood sugar was higher than I would like, but I bolused for my turkey sandwich and out the door I went.

At the bar, I had 2 drinks over the course of a few hours which normally isn't a problem. I checked my blood sugar and saw that I was 340 mg/dl and bolused a bit, think that with the 2 rum and diet cokes, I would come down and didn't want to crash. We headed to another place and after dancing a bit, I started to feel very strange. My friend Kristen said that I got very white and started complaining that my head hurt. Unfortunately, I started to get very sick and ended up throwing up several times. Kristen, who lived with me for several years, and works in the medical supply business knew that with the diabetes, this was a sign that we needed to get some help. I think I remember when we first moved in together saying "If I start throwing up, just get me a doctor." I was so weak at this point, her coworkers carried me to the car and to the ER we went. Moderate ketones, 494 mg/dl, and overall funk. The nurses at the ER were nice and I was able to answer their questions, but I was surprised that they never asked about my pump sites nor do I remember them checking them. I seriously felt like a dump trunk ran me over and slept while they re hydrated me. When I was discharged- around 300 no less- I got home changed out my pump cartridge and tubing. When I went to bolus, I got a "blockage detected" at the pump site.

I just keep thinking that normally, I'm pretty much a champ at taking care of this disease, but when I least expected something to happen and wasn't prepared or paying attention, something really bad does. In the matter of about 2 hours, I got myself into a really awful situation because I was just living my life. Dancing with my friends, meeting new people, and then all of a sudden- BAM!

Recovering from this episode has been pretty disheartening because I can think of all the things I should have done differently. Put the CGMS on, check the site when you're high, wear your medical ID (what if you'd been alone traveling like you have to for work?), carry an extra pen for correction (and ditch the clutch- carry a hobo bag everywhere).

Diabetes is strange, because as soon as you think you've got it mastered, it slaps you across the face and laughs at you.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Times are changing

After a historic night for the United States (on which I forgot to blog), I decided to continue to let my voice me heard here on this blog. I've rearranged some things and even given this space a new name, in order to hopefully reflect my life.

Because right now, life couldn't be sweeter. Ross and I welcomed a new addition to our family on Sunday afternoon. Tucker, our Yorkchon, is 10 weeks old and about 4lbs. We'd been contemplating adding to our fam for a few months now, and it just seems to be the right time. We're surrounded by people who love us, and are willing to dogsit for us if we need them to and I need something to keep me busy on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with Ross in graduate school classes. So, now I've got a puppy to train and clean up after!

We've also been traveling a ton. This past weekend was my college's Homecoming. I've been out of school for a year and half and really haven't missed it until now. Spending the day on campus was amazing. I took my younger sister with me for her college tour and I could see her falling in love with the school the way I did my sophmore year (freshman year, I was not a fan).

We're heading to a wedding in Charlottesville on Saturday for two of our high school friends and I'm excited to see all of the girls that I used to hang out with. It should be a really fun night.

Next weekend, Ross and my sister and I are heading to NYC (me for the first time!!!) to attend the Young Voices Forum at the ESPN Zone. Allison Blass has more information here We're also celebrating my sister's bday while we're there by going to see Mary Poppins and generally taking in anything NYC has to offer us in the brief time we'll be there. Anything that we possibly can't miss? Let me know!

Monday, November 03, 2008

NaBloPoMo 2008

Well, I intended to start NaBloPoMo, but was out of town on Saturday, so I figured that if I go through December 3rd, then I'm not a fraud and will maybe start posting again on a regular basis. (Holy run on sentence!)

Things have been busy the last few weeks/months, so hopefully I can give you all a recap during this time.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FL recap

I made it back from Orlando this morning...My flight was scheduled to leave out of MCO last night at 9:20pm, but we were delayed, then delayed, then delayed again. We finally left at 2:15am and finally got to our apartment around 5:00am.

But, it was completely worth it. I was at CWD for work, but I was able to volunteer at the first timers hospitality area on Tuesday when I arrived. I got to meet a ton of great people who welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. My coworkers and I headed to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday night and then spent Wednesday working. I was able to meet up with some DOC all-stars briefly and finally meet some people who I truly admire.

The rest of the conference is a blur. My hubby arrived on Thursday and attended a session on CGM data since he's so involved in that part of my care. Friday we hung out with some of our friends and then spent the rest of the weekend honeymooning at the Disney parks (complete with Just Married buttons). I told him that it seemed strange not seeing anyone running around with a green wrist band, something I got used to over the few days at CWD.

We're discussing going to the CWD Focus on Technology in Bethesda (as participants vs. not having to work). Anyone out there heading to the conference?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

6 Years at 6.6

Last week it struck me that tomorrow happens to be my 6 year diabetes anniversary. I also found out from my endo that my A1C was a 6.6, the lowest that it's ever been despite the whole wedding things and all of the stress associated to that.

It got me thinking about how lucky I am to have a great support system that encourages me to take the best care of myself that I can, a job that is really fulfilling, and just the fact that right now I'm living well.

I'm writing this from my Blackberry on my way to Orlando to the CWD Friends for Life Conference. Tomorrow night I'll get to meet some of the bloggers that I truly admire and I'll get to celebrate 6 years of this disease with some of my favorite work friends. Ross my husband will be in Orlando on Thursday night to attend the conference and get an even bigger glimpse of what this diabetes thing is all about.

I may also play the lotto because 6 years at 6.6 just seems very lucky.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The wedding present

My wedding gift from my hubby was a Dexcom 7 that he purchased for me with the assistance of my CDE and medical team working with the Dexcom folks. I'd decided to wait for the Dexcom until after the wedding stuff was over, but he wanted to make sure that our big day wasn't plagued with lows and I was able to have the best day of my life. In every effort to surprise me, he ordered it, came home early, wrapped it in newspaper, and hid it in his yucky college t-shirt drawer.

I managed to foil the surprise for myself by checking the mail and finding an invoice with my name on it, with "PAID IN FULL" stamped on it, the day before he was supposed to give it to me. Ross helped me put the sensor in Thursday night after the scavenger hunt to find the box and I was able to see pretty decent results throughout the wedding weekend. At our rehearsal dinner, Ross explained that he'd gotten himself a "life insurance policy" so when we're not together there's something there to help take care of me. It may not be 100% accurate 100% of the time, but it definitely helped last week when I was on business and by myself.

So, now I'm joining another newlywed in hopes of getting insurance coverage. Luckily, I have a new partner in crime who is just as determined as I am- my husband

Our first dance

My James Bond-style leg thing held the pump and CGM perfectly on one leg and my blue garter donned the other. Ross grabbed the wrong leg and went ahead and checked to see what my blood sugar was doing while he was down there.

Friday, June 13, 2008


After a few weeks away preparing for my wedding, then actually getting married, and then recovering from all of that, I'm back!! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and now I'm finally getting the chance to catch my breath.

My wedding was more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was the hottest day of the year with temperatures in the 100s and humidity that made my beautiful bridesmaids use enough hairspray for a year. I enjoyed seeing my dear friends from college, meeting more of Ross' extended family, and celebrating with my parents. We laughed, ate, drank (perhaps alittle too much), and danced until late into the evening. And we're still talking about it...

I'm in a bit of a post wedding slump at the moment with the craziness coming back to work and not having a huge event to plan for (and the fact my bouquet is wilted). Anyone else go through that?

Oh well, I have some of the best memories ever from the evening including my grandparents dancing to Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop the Music" and feeling more loved than I've ever felt.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Days fly by

My MIA-ness is bothering me. With the move and the wedding in 3 weeks, everything that isn't essential to my well being is getting brushed aside to make room for wedding programs, wrapping attendant gifts, and formulating an agenda for the wedding weekend. So that means being MIA from my friends, from going out, and from this blog.

But, I'm loving these days. The busy-ness and the fun that comes with a wedding may keep me awake at all hours of the night (well, that and a low blood sugar), but it also keeps me smiling throughout the day when I think of my friends, family, and fiance' in one place celebrating us. I can't wait to walk down the aisle and then spend the evening with my favorite people in the world and see this year of planning come together like a play on opening night when the lights, sound, and actors in costume all appear, even though they've been planned as such separate entities.

So, sorry if this blog remains quiet for the next few weeks. I can't wait to share some of my wedding moments with you.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Raise your voice for all to hear...

This week marks the beginning of the American Diabetes Association's Call to Congress. I know some of the members of the Diabetes OC are attending but I think this is really important as we continue to raise our voice about having type 1 diabetes.

ADA is encouraging individuals to call their Representative and Senators toll-free at 877-ADA-2008 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (EST) from April 28 – May 2, 2008, and tell them we need more money for diabetes! Diabetes costs this country more than $174 billion dollars a year (Can you even imagine how much money this is??)

Make sure to tell them to support legislation that will increase research and prevention funding for diabetes at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Share with them any personal connection to diabetes your wish to share and make sure Congress understands the effect diabetes has on the lives of the millions of people living with this disease. Help represent everyone living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Dex Update

Today marks the 3rd day with my 2nd Dexcom sensor. On Thursday night, I got a failed sensor error from my 1st sensor. I restarted but that was short lived. On Friday, during my Adobe InDesign class, I got another failed sensor error and made a trek back to my CDE's office for another one. I've been doing marvelously since and have managed to avoid a few lows and reduce a few of the afternoon highs. I'm still at a loss for what the heck is happening to me at night and tomorrow I'm trying my hand on the treadmill to see what exactly is happening during my exercise routine.

Overall, the Dex and I are friends. So much so that I was thinking that this was the next step in my diabetes management process. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't seem to be loving that idea so after the wedding (and when I have alittle more cash to spend liberally) I'll pick up my sword and head into this battle with hopes of some reimbursement. As I've only been out on my own a year and really don't have much insurance company experience, I'm overwhelmed with what to do. I've been provided some guidance by the people at Dexcom, but I really wish someone would write "Dealing With Insurance Companies When You Have Type 1 Diabetes". If someone had told me a few months ago when I started my job, that I would need a PPO plan I might have done that...or if someone would explain how to file an appeal....or if someone could tell me how successful they were at getting coverage and what they did....all in a hand dandy book, that could be a GREAT resource, especially for us 20 somethings navigating new waters on different plans than our parents.

So, I'm using the next few days to learn as much as I can about the Dex and to prepare for my bridal shower (thrown by my wonderful maid of honor, my sister!, with help from my mom) and my bachelorette party (dinner at the Melting Pot, then a surprise that I have no idea about) and get ready for this wedding that goes down in a little over 6 weeks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All hooked up to the Dexcom

I got hooked up to the Dexcom this morning and I'm totally loving it so far. It's pretty cool seeing the trends (and reporting my blood sugar to all my friends at work).

More info tomorrow as I get more data.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Raising my voice today and everyday

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on July 23, 2002. There are several things about that day that stick out in my mind, and there are a few things about that day that I don't remember.

On that day, I had the day off from my job as a Guest Service Representative at Target and was convinced my allergy medicine was making me tired and thirsty. I was watching Bold and the Beautiful on CBS while eating a "double cheese" grilled cheese sandwich after a routine doctor's appointment when my mom walked down our stairs and told me that I had diabetes. I imagine it was the hardest thing she's ever had to tell me, but I'm not quite sure we knew then what diabetes meant for someone my age. I don't remember crying, but I do remember being worried I was going to be fired from my job because I had to work the next day. I was told I was going to the hospital and should plan to be there for several days. It's funny what matters to you when you're 17.

I don't remember how the conversation with my boyfriend Ross went or how the conversation between my parents went. I remember battling DC rush hour traffic to get Walter Reed and being admitted and hooked up to an IV. I remember being cold and feeling out of place in the children's ward. I remember my mom, dad, and sister reluctantly leaving me that night to go home and get things in order. I remember being awoken several times that night by nurses just a few months older than me who would bring me People Magazine and chat about high school, the sports that I played, and my budding social life.

I remember getting the bag of information and trying to absorb so much information the first few days. I remember that first shot and those first few finger pokes. I was learning about how my body worked and realizing that my life would never be the same. Then we were turned loose to deal with this disease. I remember the ride home with my mom and talking about Steel Magnolias and having a family and her telling me it would be okay and we'd get through the journey together (we'd already experienced it a month earlier with my sister's diagnosis of JRA). I remember crying at my favorite bbq restaurant and my dad telling me it was okay to have a few fries as long as I counted the carbs, like I'd learned. I remember my dad saying that he'd take away my diabetes if he could.

I don't remember ever knowing what diabetes was before my diagnosis or ever thinking about what I would do if my life was changed by a disease. I don't really remember how sick I really was. I don't remember ever advocating for my own health, or even ever really listening to my body. I don't remember if I'd ever knew the distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

The most important thing I remember hearing was something that my dad continues to say to me even after living with diabetes for almost 6 years. He said that there has to be reason why diabetes has affected my life. I've always taken that to heart and realized that without diabetes, I probably wouldn't be in the career I'm in, or have the hobbies that I do. I wouldn't know about the wonderful community that exists online for people like me.

So today on our self-proclaimed T1 Diabetes Awareness Day, I promise to try everyday to sound the alert about diabetes and how it's affected the life I lead. Because I think that's what I'm supposed to do...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring has sprung

It's spring in the DC area (FINALLY!) and even though thunderstorms are predicted for tonight, nothing can rain on the fact that it's absolutely GORGEOUS outside. A warm 65 degrees keeps me hopefully that in just a few months it'll be summertime.

This is the only free weekend I have for the next few months and I'm hoping to take advantage of it by sending out our wedding invitations and shopping for my beautiful bridesmaids' gifts. We're less than 2 months away from our wedding and I'm more excited than anything else (well, and alittle bit stressed about making it the most perfect day ever). So much has already been done, but I still have a good sized list of things to do.

I'm also taking a new step in my diabetes management by taking a Dexcom 7 on a trial run starting Tuesday. My numbers have been surprisingly good the last week (an average of 147mg/dl according to my Cozmo history) and I'm hoping that the Dex will let me fine tune the use of my pump. If things go well, I'm going to pursue adding this to the management program permanently.

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's gonna take some time...

This week went by quicker than I thought it would. I spent last weekend hanging out with my dad in Martinsville, VA at the Craftsman Truck Series race. We have a very good friend, Timothy Peters, who self-funded a car to compete. My dad "spots" for Timothy (aka he stands on top of a tower and is basically Timothy's eyes around the track). My job for the weekend was to observe and try to engage some people who may be interested in sponsoring Timothy for more races this season. I had a stack of business cards, but unfortunately didn't hand out one. We qualified 6th and finished 19th (Timothy got in a pretty big wreck). I hung out with the pit crew and tried to learn about the business. (Bring a grill, pack a heavy coat always, stuff like that).

Work has been busy, but I want to do more!! I'm going to take a web design class this summer or fall so that I can do some web design projects.

Almost the weekend...thank goodness!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be the change you wish to see

Yesterday, March 25th, was the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Alert Day. The premise for Diabetes Alert Day is to be a one-day, “wake-up” call to inform the American public about the seriousness of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association encourages people to take the Diabetes Risk Test and find out if they are at risk for developing diabetes.

I've been reading alot of blog chatter about the revalance of Alert Day and my conclusions after reading all of this remains that Alert Day is a great idea. Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic and it's true, 1/3 of the people that have diabetes don't know that they do. I have friends and family that have Type 2 and yes, their struggle with diabetes is very different then mine. I want everyone I know to know their risk for the disease and learn as much about both types of diabetes as they can. Yesterday wasn't about "us" as Type 1s, it was about promoting the overall idea that you should be informed of your risk for developing a serious illness. And awareness and prevention is a great thing.

As to making a Type 1 Alert Day, why isn't everyday an Alert Day for us? Why isn't everyday about educating people about Type 1, breaking down the stereotypes, and taking the best care of the disease that we have? I don't think appointing one day to tell everyone I know about Type 1 is going to benefit them that much, but rather having those moments at work when someone looks at the tubing snaking out from my shirt and gives me a funny look is the time to tell them "I have Type 1 diabetes, that's the autoimmune kind". I think having the discussion with family on an everyday (or atleast often enough) basis about how diabetes affects you is what it's all about. So the blogsphere may decide on a day to get their alert out, but I'm alerting everyday.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Six word memoir

Holy cow. Six words, this is going to be tough. Thanks for the tags, Jillian, Kerri, and Jules.

So here we go.

relax. enjoy the moment. perservere always.

1. Write your own six word memoir;
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you’d like;
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere
4. Tag at least five more blogs with links; and
5. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

Seems like everyone has been tagged, so I tag anyone that hasn't!

Friday, March 21, 2008

ADA Alert Day Video- Check it Out!

Big props to ADA for creating an awesome awareness piece. I'm hoping maybe this video educates a very more people on the risk factors for diabetes.

Endo Appointment- Getting what you want...

Wednesday morning I had an appointment at my new Endo's. The morning started out really rough with an awful low in the middle of the night and waking up to find myself completely disconnected from my pump and teetering in the 300s. I knew this did not bode well for my arrival at the new endo's office.

My fiance' went with me to eliminate the stress of trying to find the place (I get lost...alot...despite having a navigation system). I saw a younger PA named Wendy and her student which was actually really cool ("Do you mind if Nadine feels your enlarged thyroid gland, as well?) She was extensive in doing my family history and even did a pretty decent exam. And then came to the how happy I was with the pump and how efficient I was with carb counting. I think I do a good job, but I'd love to really get a better idea of how my body is responding to the foods that I eat and to the exercise that I'm trying to incorporate to get my cholesterol down. So, Wendy told me about their CDE Kim that's in charge of their pump starts AND THEIR CGMs!!! So, on April 15, I'm meeting with Kim to test out a Dexcom for a week. Supposedly, she's had some great luck in getting it approved in the last few months, so if it's something that I like, she can help me out.

I'm super excited about trying it out-but sort of nervous. I've read alot about CGMs technology and I'm hoping that I find wearing one to be beneficial rather than a hindrance. This is a sort of crazy time in my life right now, but I figured I would give it a go and then maybe try it again after the wedding sometime this summer. Do you all have any advice on wearing a CGM? Let me know!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Now, Happy Hence, Happy Ever After

Happy day after St. Patrick's Day! Hope that your day was especially green! I celebrated my not so Irish heritage with some friends, sipping on pomergranted martinis and some wine.

My schedule is filling up quickly for the week. Tonight is my 1st (and hopefully only) wedding dress fitting, so I'm heading down to my parents' place for dinner and a trek to the bridal shop. I was pretty sure of what I wanted and I bought it straight off the rack because it fit so well, so it'll be interesting to see how I've done exercising and eating over the last few months. Our invitations arrived last night and I've been proudly showing them off to friends and have one in my bag to show to my parents tonight. Then, it's on to making sure the guest list is completely set and then they can go out the first week in April.

I also have my first appointment with my new Endo (I've had a 2 "new" Endos in the past 6 months, thanks to my job craziness). So look for a report sometime later this week. Tomorrow night is a friend's birthday party and this weekend will be spent celebrating Easter with my family.

So, busy-ness and happiness...which is great.

And to add another "ness"- randomness, my coworker just sent me an e-mail that said "the word "set" has the most number of definitions in the English language: 192." She's an awesome Type 1 pumper as well. So I know her favorite "set" definition. :o)

My 7 words

Live with passion. Educate others. Persevere always.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A thought...

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. -EB White


Happy Monday! This weekend was awesome, except for that dreadful time change. Friday night, the fiance' and I donned our most fabulous party duds and headed out to a new lounge in DC that looked out onto Franklin Park. We had a great time celebrating our friend Tony's 24th birthday, dancing to overly loud techno music and drinking beverages from our VIP tables. (Side note: I don't understand bottle service at bars and clubs. I understand the mark up, but seriously?) We danced and took pictures and I had the feeling more than once that this couldn't possibly be my life.

Saturday took us out into Arlington to look at an apartment complex that I found on Friday. We saw it and fell in love with a one bedroom + den with a fabulous kitchen with granite counters and hardward floors. Goodbye crazy allergies and hello luxury living! We were accepted on Sunday to the complex and we sign our lease on May 12th which will make for a crazy 5 weeks of moving and then getting married, but such is life and both the fiance' and I are super stoked. Again, I got the feeling that I am so blessed to be able to work at a great place, with great insurance, and to be able to marry a man that cares about me enough to give me the world. I'm also so grateful to my parents for all the support that they give us (as well as the excitement for us to move to somewhere really nice- my mom seemed so happy for us when I told her about everything this morning!) Even with diabetes, the stress of work, an impending move, AND marriage, I am so happy that I'm able to do and experience so many great things. Whether it be a good dinner, a warm bed, or the strong hold of the person I love.

And to that person, Happy Birthday My Love!
I'm glad that this year you will become my husband. Hope that your birthday is all that you wish it to be and much more. I love you all this world.
Hope your Monday was STELLAR!

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Fierce Friday Five

1. Where the heck did this week go? Seriously! Last Friday was spent with the reception coordinator at our reception location planning the delicious menu for our big day and picking out centerpieces (we're using lots of candles and it's going to be beautiful). And Saturday was a blur of hanging with College BFF and drinking and dancing at a club in DC. Sunday was spent recovering from the aforementioned drinking and dancing.

2. Project Runway Finale on Wednesday was seriously MAH JAH (that's major for all of you non-Posh Spice loving folks out there). Can we talk about the fierceness? And then can we talk about the perfect PR party---it would include Chris, Christian, Santino, and Tim Gunn--and probably Andre'.

3. And my new obession since PR is over---America's Best Dance Crew! Is anyone else completely addicted to this show, or are me and the fiance' the only people that stay up late eating cookies to watch Kaba Modern, BreakSk8, and the other break it down.?(Sigh) I wish I could dance like that.

4. We're getting married 3 months from today. HOLY SHIRTS and PANTS! I will continue to obsess about how much I have to do until June 8th when it will be over.

5. If you're a blogger in DC and would be interested in meeting up with some other bloggers (especially those with the 'betes), comment and we'll try and make it work. (Tim Gunn, I love you!)

6. Agenda for this weekend:
-Bday party tonight at overly pretenious (or so I've heard) The Park on 14th by Franklin Park. I have a feeling I will not fit in, despite the cute red dress that I bought especially for the occasion.
-Dinner tomorrow night with the 'rents to discuss all things wedding
-Cleaning my house and invisioning my move to a more beautiful apartment (more on this to come)
-Deciding what to get fiance' for his birthday on Monday. I am stuck with no ideas with the upcoming wedding.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Staying busy

Ah, over a week since I last posted....I did complete NaBloPoMo in November, right??? Anyways, I think in March I'm going to work to try and update atleast everyday during the work week. So we'll see how that goes.

DC Tidbits:
1. Ross and I ate at an awesome restaurant a few weeks ago called Open City in the Adams Morgan section of DC. It was this great little coffee shop/diner/bar place with some of the best pie that I've had. We don't often get dessert when we go out, but the gorgeous piece of blackberry goodness was too hard to refuse. If you're in the DC area, you should check it out!
2. I was downtown for a Web 2.0 seminar today and realized I do miss working amidst the hustle and bustle. I'm working in VA now and the area is not nearly as cool. For example, there is no Well-Dressed Burrito Restaurant in the alley next to my building and I sort of hate that.
3. One of my bffs from college is coming to town in Saturday and we're going to take her out in the city, which means venturing to some of our favorite clubs for dancing and drinks. I love getting dressed up and going out and CANNOT WAIT til the weekend!

Diabetes Tidbits:
1. Diabetes is blah.

Work Tidbits:
1. I'm staying super busy with projects and trainings and stuff.
2. I also picked up the book "The 4 Hour Workweek" by Timothy Ferriss after seeing it on ChronicBabe.com and am excited to finish it. A review will come when I'm done.

What's new with you guys?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday 5

Hell yes for a 3 day weekend! It's much needed...

1. I'm venturing down to Williamsburg, VA this weekend to see my two best friends from college. Shopping at the outlets, dinner at a tres chic restaurant, and browsing through the colonial area. The weather is supposed to cooperate and I'm looking forward to a night of wine drinking and chick flick watching with my girls.

2. Valentine's Day was amazing! I made calzones for the fiance' and we enjoyed hanging out and watching a movie. He got me a beautiful bouquet of daisies (Gerber, my faves!) and a really cute card!

3. My job is going really well and things have gotten super busy. So glad that I got the opportunity to come and work here. And I have Monday off. Wahoo!

4. Agh, the wedding! Can it magically happen? Please? I need to do some many of the little things and June is going to be here before I know it.

5. Oh, and the fiance' and I have decided to move. Our lease is up the week before our wedding and we don't want to renew...what would you do?

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

101 Things About Me

101 Things- 101 Through 80.

101. My younger sister used to be obessed with the 101 Dalmatians movie. I now, even at the age of 23, know all the worlds to all of the songs in that film.
100. I have blue eyes and dark brown hair and am not nearly as tan as I would like to be.
99. I bite my fingernails religiously.
98. I wear a size 91/2 or 10 shoe, so my feet resemble skis
97. My first job was as a Guest Service Representative at Target. I was 17 and a customer made me cry once.
96. I have technically only ever been on one first date.
95. My first car was a Plymouth Neon. It died on the way home from the Baltimore Inner Harbor this past August.
94. I was born in Montana.
93. I've lived in the Northern Virginia area for about 13 years.
92. I went to school at James Madison University where I was a Sociology major.
91. My favorite movie list includes: Can't Hardly Wait, 10 Things I Hate About You, Superbad, The Holiday, and pretty much every Christmas movie ever produced.
90. My favorite Starbucks drink is a Tall Skim Extra Hot Carmel Macchiato.
89. I'm slightly obessed with Disney World- My favorite park is MGM Studios.
88. I've seen 98 Degrees in concert twice- My favorite member was Jeff Timmons.
87. I am getting married on 06/07/08 because my fiance' is a nerd.
86. I overuse the exclamation mark!!!
85. I wish I was motivated all the time.
84. I have one sister, who is 6 years younger than me. She is my best friend.
83. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 17. I've been on an insulin pump since I was 20.
82. I have a plethora of other ailments which I care not to discuss because they depress me.
81. My favorite time of year is between Thanksgiving and Christmas
80. I speak to my mom atleast once a day, even though I don't live at home.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I survived the gym last night. Fiance and I went since I ended up having a mini meltdown after a trip to CVS.

Rant: For the last year and a half, I've read everyone's blog and thought "Whoa, I'm glad I don't have to fight with my insurance company or with a pharmacy to get the supplies I need" but with the new insurance at my new job, things were going along too smoothly. I went to CVS to get my strips (I signed up for my provider's online pharmacy which is MUCH cheapers) until my online shipment arrived. I was supposed to receive 100 strips with 0 refills. Instead, I got 100 strips and 1 refill. Ugh. Now, I'm sort of illiterate when it comes to this stuff because I used to receive 600 strips at a time, so I don't know if this is kosher or not. I mean, now, I have to go back, pay the copay and get my other 100. Why not just give me the 200 now? I know people have it alot worse, but all I have to say is thank goodness for military (read: AWESOME) health insurance. : End Rant.

So, 40 minutes on the treadmill with varying inclines. The fiance' ran and I walked briskly. I'm amazed by him and his ability to do anything athletic (like rollerskate...or ice skate...or run without looking like an idiot or falling off the treadmill). We came home and had a delicious dinner of chicken and sauteed snowpeas.

And an oatmeal raisin cookie...I mean, I did go to the gym.

Monday, February 04, 2008

This is your weekend update....

Ah, this weekend was a blur...
  • Friday- dinner with the Fiance' and Best Man at Olive Garden. Delicious Cappelini Pomodoro and massive amounts of insulin. Wine and We Are Marshall. Great evening.
  • Saturday- hanging out with my parents, delicious dinner at my favorite bbq restaurant, Verizon to look for a Blackberry that will provide me constant access to my e-mail, and then a night out on the town (ADAMS MORGAN, 'nuff said) at a really fun club
  • Sunday- Recovering from lack of sleep from said fun night out, making chili for a Super Bowl party, catching up on wedding stuff, laundry, and then watching the Super Bowl. I went to bed much too late, which explains today's 2pm trip to Starbucks for a Grande Skim Carmel Macchiato.

Today has been super busy at work. So much so, that I'm thinking about how much longer I'll be here. The fiance' is dragging me to the gym tonight and I'm hoping to go for the next three weeks with some regularity. I hate the gym. No good reason for it, I just am lazy, I guess. For someone that went to softball practice for years- I just can't motivate myself once I get home from work to put on gym clothes, delaying cooking and eating dinner, and trekking back out to walk on a treadmill to only have my blood sugar plumet 40 minutes later.

I need motivation.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


After a few days of excitement and rushing home to get my mail, today I found a huge package on my doorstep. I couldn't take off my coat fast enough and seriously almost lost an arm trying to get through the tape on the box. "Fragile" was stamped across the box and I couldn't help but giggle as I thought of A Christmas Story (F-RAG-EEEL-EEE....I think it says Fragile, dear).

And what did Jessica send me? A GORGEOUS breakfast set with a pitcher, two big mugs, and a great bowl. The bowl is screaming for me to put some stuff in it and display it on my kitchen table. I also got this awesome fold up blanket (from Jessica's college, perhaps?), and a pen that I'm sure was awesome but got completely destroyed by the good people at the US Postal Service.

Jessica, thanks so much for my sussy! YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ummm, diabetes, can you work with me?

For the past week, my numbers have been just plain crazy. I can't figure them out. Everything seems to be working okay, but for some reason I've been running high. Unfortunately, I don't have a great idea of my average, because I'm not using my Cozmonitor and am only entering in data for corrections. I'm eating relatively the same thing, doing relatively the same thing, and BAM...280...or something high like that. Seriously, what the heck is up?

I went to my new PCP yesterday and after my 7.1 A1C in November, she didn't think there was anything to worry about. She did a full lab work up so it'll be interesting if my A1C has gone up and what her reaction will be. I received a referral for a pretty progessive Endo practice, so I'm excited to see if a CGMs is in my future. I would love to have some idea what the heck is going on with my body. I want to be in control of this disease, but sometimes it just stumps me, and it would be great to get some help. I'm going to have to do some basal testing, which is never, ever fun and probably try and watch my carbs hardcore for a few days...what a drag.

Also, we're like 4 months away from our wedding and I'm in ultimate planning mode. I'm trying to control any Bridezilla urges that may arise (wedding stress+high/low/flucuation blood sugar=major meltdown) and am trying to be really upbeat about everything. Things will work out, it will be great...I have to start a mantra and chant it to myself. This weekend...Invitations, guest list, and contracts in the mail. For real.

Oh, and I'm super stoked about the "sussy" circle (a surprise). I put mine in the mail yesterday, so hopefully my person posts when they get it. I'm so excited to see what she thinks about it! I'll be sure to post when I get mine, don't you worry!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The cost of diabetes

Yesterday, "Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2007" was released in the journal Diabetes Care. Alot of the media outlets picked this story up and I even received a call from my dad last night asking if I had seen it.

I had.

The study is an update of a previous cost study published five years ago and provides information about diabetes costs in the U.S. The new cost study finds that the total cost of diabetes in the U.S. in 2007 was $174 billion, up from $132 billion in 2002. Direct costs due to treating diabetes and its complications amount to $116 billion; indirect costs attributed to lost productivity amount to $58 billion.

What does that mean for us as Americans, and us as people with diabetes? Alot. So much money is being spent on the treatment of diabetes and its complications, but we hear little about where the money is going in terms of research. What would happen if that amount of money would be given to researchers who are searching for a cure or provided to educators in order for people to have a true understanding of what living with diabetes means, how they can prevent Type 2 diabetes, etc?

According to the study, people with diagnosed diabetes have medical expenditures that are approximately 2.3 times higher than the expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes. This is something that I've totally noticed in my short time on my own-worse than my parent's- insurance, especially compared to my friends who just graduated and are perfectly healthy. They're not worried about when payday is in order to get supplies or making sure that they have a stockpile of test strips in their closet during the period where they are between jobs so they don't have to pay the full price.

I'm taken back by the numbers because they are so big that it's almost hard to wrap my mind around.

What do we do to reduce these costs?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Busy Busy Busy...
  • Wedding planning weekend complete
  • Church is good to go
  • Photographer is awesome
  • Reception facility is willing to work with the fiance's food allergies (milk fat, not lactose is in everything!)
  • DJ is all about having a party after 9:30pm and super excited to play for my college friends
I'm still on the prowl for a doctor and transferring my prescriptions. I need to do this asap and hopefully will have a chance to call some offices tomorrow afternoon during my lunch break. Work is crazy busy, and I'm loving it.

Oh and I have to get my Sussy Circle gift in the mail. Super stoked about that one!

What's up with you?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

CGM? and Cozmo?

So after this announcement and this announcement, I hoping that Smith Medical is next on board for a partnership, seeing as I'm obsessed with my Cozmo but have been wishing that they would incorporate the CGM in some way.

After a pretty rough low at the gym tonight, I'm thinking this may be a good option for me since I would really like to have a better idea of what my body is doing during exercise. I'm trying to get to the gym on a regular basis, but lows like the one I had tonight make me nervous.

I'm in the process of finding an Endo on my new insurance and am thinking that someone that has a CGM in the office or is proactive about CGMs for their patients is probably the endo for me.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2008 so far

I just realized we're already over a week into 2008 and I haven't even looked at my blog. The last two weeks have been super busy with celebrating the holidays with my fiance's family, ringing in the new year with some friends from high school, and heading back to work.
Things have picked up at the office and I'm really enjoying my new job. I'm really happy to be working with people I really like and working toward a mission that I firmly believe in. Ross and I are also busy with finishing up our wedding details. We're 5 months away and I have already started to experience some severe anxiety over the the details. I ordered our Save the Date cardsalready and am trying to order the invitations by the end of the month. We're also meeting with our caterer and photographer on the 19th. I'm starting to feel like planning the wedding is a full time job.

I've also resolved to get alittle bit more organized in 2008. So, my random pile system of organization looks to be on it's way out. I'm throwing away old stuff and trying to put things in places where they make sense. I'm also trying to get into a better gym routine and add some running to my workout. I've downloaded a few podcasts on interval training and have been listening to those to get more ideas.

Hope that your 2008 is going great!