Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring has sprung

It's spring in the DC area (FINALLY!) and even though thunderstorms are predicted for tonight, nothing can rain on the fact that it's absolutely GORGEOUS outside. A warm 65 degrees keeps me hopefully that in just a few months it'll be summertime.

This is the only free weekend I have for the next few months and I'm hoping to take advantage of it by sending out our wedding invitations and shopping for my beautiful bridesmaids' gifts. We're less than 2 months away from our wedding and I'm more excited than anything else (well, and alittle bit stressed about making it the most perfect day ever). So much has already been done, but I still have a good sized list of things to do.

I'm also taking a new step in my diabetes management by taking a Dexcom 7 on a trial run starting Tuesday. My numbers have been surprisingly good the last week (an average of 147mg/dl according to my Cozmo history) and I'm hoping that the Dex will let me fine tune the use of my pump. If things go well, I'm going to pursue adding this to the management program permanently.

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