Friday, April 04, 2008

It's gonna take some time...

This week went by quicker than I thought it would. I spent last weekend hanging out with my dad in Martinsville, VA at the Craftsman Truck Series race. We have a very good friend, Timothy Peters, who self-funded a car to compete. My dad "spots" for Timothy (aka he stands on top of a tower and is basically Timothy's eyes around the track). My job for the weekend was to observe and try to engage some people who may be interested in sponsoring Timothy for more races this season. I had a stack of business cards, but unfortunately didn't hand out one. We qualified 6th and finished 19th (Timothy got in a pretty big wreck). I hung out with the pit crew and tried to learn about the business. (Bring a grill, pack a heavy coat always, stuff like that).

Work has been busy, but I want to do more!! I'm going to take a web design class this summer or fall so that I can do some web design projects.

Almost the weekend...thank goodness!

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Jess said...

Good luck with sponsors.

Yay for the weekend is here.

Hope you are enjoying it.