Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FL recap

I made it back from Orlando this morning...My flight was scheduled to leave out of MCO last night at 9:20pm, but we were delayed, then delayed, then delayed again. We finally left at 2:15am and finally got to our apartment around 5:00am.

But, it was completely worth it. I was at CWD for work, but I was able to volunteer at the first timers hospitality area on Tuesday when I arrived. I got to meet a ton of great people who welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. My coworkers and I headed to Magic Kingdom on Tuesday night and then spent Wednesday working. I was able to meet up with some DOC all-stars briefly and finally meet some people who I truly admire.

The rest of the conference is a blur. My hubby arrived on Thursday and attended a session on CGM data since he's so involved in that part of my care. Friday we hung out with some of our friends and then spent the rest of the weekend honeymooning at the Disney parks (complete with Just Married buttons). I told him that it seemed strange not seeing anyone running around with a green wrist band, something I got used to over the few days at CWD.

We're discussing going to the CWD Focus on Technology in Bethesda (as participants vs. not having to work). Anyone out there heading to the conference?


Mandy said...

I won't be at the Bethesda conference, but I'm very glad I got to meet you at Friends for Life. It's also good to hear that you had a romantic "honeymoon" complete with buttons. That's all I can say or it might drive my blood sugar up!

Jess said...

Hey, I know it's off topic, but I was wondering if I could hit you up for wedding advice? I looked for an email but I didn't see one, anyway, could you email me at jnpedersen2@gmail.com? Thanks.