Thursday, January 31, 2008


After a few days of excitement and rushing home to get my mail, today I found a huge package on my doorstep. I couldn't take off my coat fast enough and seriously almost lost an arm trying to get through the tape on the box. "Fragile" was stamped across the box and I couldn't help but giggle as I thought of A Christmas Story (F-RAG-EEEL-EEE....I think it says Fragile, dear).

And what did Jessica send me? A GORGEOUS breakfast set with a pitcher, two big mugs, and a great bowl. The bowl is screaming for me to put some stuff in it and display it on my kitchen table. I also got this awesome fold up blanket (from Jessica's college, perhaps?), and a pen that I'm sure was awesome but got completely destroyed by the good people at the US Postal Service.

Jessica, thanks so much for my sussy! YOU ROCK!


Jess said...

LOL I was so worried about the set that I didn't even think about the pen being broken. I assume you could tell what it was. It was syringe that had a red liquid in it. I thought it would be humorous.

I'm so glad to hear that you liked it. I just couldn't find a disney mug to save my life. LOL

The blanket does have our mascot on it. We are the USU Aggies. I'm glad it served it's dual purpose well. It kept the set from being broken and it'll keep you warm.

I'll be lurking in the waters of your blog waiting for the opportunity to pounce a post. (Yes, I'm feeling a bit giddy at the moment.)


Scott K. Johnson said...

I LOVE that movie!