Monday, February 04, 2008

This is your weekend update....

Ah, this weekend was a blur...
  • Friday- dinner with the Fiance' and Best Man at Olive Garden. Delicious Cappelini Pomodoro and massive amounts of insulin. Wine and We Are Marshall. Great evening.
  • Saturday- hanging out with my parents, delicious dinner at my favorite bbq restaurant, Verizon to look for a Blackberry that will provide me constant access to my e-mail, and then a night out on the town (ADAMS MORGAN, 'nuff said) at a really fun club
  • Sunday- Recovering from lack of sleep from said fun night out, making chili for a Super Bowl party, catching up on wedding stuff, laundry, and then watching the Super Bowl. I went to bed much too late, which explains today's 2pm trip to Starbucks for a Grande Skim Carmel Macchiato.

Today has been super busy at work. So much so, that I'm thinking about how much longer I'll be here. The fiance' is dragging me to the gym tonight and I'm hoping to go for the next three weeks with some regularity. I hate the gym. No good reason for it, I just am lazy, I guess. For someone that went to softball practice for years- I just can't motivate myself once I get home from work to put on gym clothes, delaying cooking and eating dinner, and trekking back out to walk on a treadmill to only have my blood sugar plumet 40 minutes later.

I need motivation.

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