Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2008 so far

I just realized we're already over a week into 2008 and I haven't even looked at my blog. The last two weeks have been super busy with celebrating the holidays with my fiance's family, ringing in the new year with some friends from high school, and heading back to work.
Things have picked up at the office and I'm really enjoying my new job. I'm really happy to be working with people I really like and working toward a mission that I firmly believe in. Ross and I are also busy with finishing up our wedding details. We're 5 months away and I have already started to experience some severe anxiety over the the details. I ordered our Save the Date cardsalready and am trying to order the invitations by the end of the month. We're also meeting with our caterer and photographer on the 19th. I'm starting to feel like planning the wedding is a full time job.

I've also resolved to get alittle bit more organized in 2008. So, my random pile system of organization looks to be on it's way out. I'm throwing away old stuff and trying to put things in places where they make sense. I'm also trying to get into a better gym routine and add some running to my workout. I've downloaded a few podcasts on interval training and have been listening to those to get more ideas.

Hope that your 2008 is going great!

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