Monday, July 23, 2007

5 years

Yesterday, I "celebrated" having diabetes for 5 years. 5 years ago yesterday, I went to the doctor's to have some allergy medicine refilled and explained that I hadn't been feeling well for awhile. Later that afternoon, my adventure with this disease began.

Diabetes frustrates me on a daily basis, but I believe that it's taught be more about who I am than anything else in life. It brought be a great internship last summer, and it continues to make me wish that I was a doctor (so instead of 4+ years of school, I work for a medical NPO.) It makes me more sympathetic to others who have to struggle daily to manage their health. It makes me more active in our political system and I continue to submit my letters to my congressman and my sentators, encouraging them to make decisions that benefit people like me. It made my family closer because I knew at first I could not do this by myself. It makes me value everyday and appreciate the people that I spend my time with.

But, there are days like today and day's like yesterday, I wish that diabetes didn't exist. I wish that July 22 was a day I remember because it's my fiance' mom's birthday, not the day that I packed up and headed to Walter Reed. I wish that it wasn't the day I had my first shot of insulin or my first finger poke.

5 years ago...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Brief Update!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine completely flew by! Friday night was spent with some awesome people my fiance' works with. We went to Adams Morgan and danced and spent Saturday and Sunday wedding planning and looking at reception sites for our BIG day! I get more excited the more I talk about it, which has been ALOT lately!

Diabetes wise, I'm still trying to get insurance stuff in order. Hopefully after this week, I'll be set up with a new doctor and on my way.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Getting things in order

I finally managed to finish filling out my forms for the Cozmo upgrade. I just got my packet a couple of weeks ago, even though I swear I called on the first day. I can't be mad, because the Smith folks happen to be the best people in the entire world. I appreciate them more now that I'm out on my own---with my own insurance that I'm navigating along. I'm still trying to get things set up with a new doctor and with new 'scripts and am wondering if I made the right choice going with an HMO rather than the PPO. Darn you great insurance for spoiling me rotten.

In other news, I joined a gym last week and have taken a few classes with the fiance'. He's the only guy in the classes but it's great to have him there. My numbers have been excellent this past week and I'm chalking it up to the exercise.

As I posted earlier this month, alot happened during my last few weeks of college. I got an A on my senior seminar paper looking at the portrayal of diabetes in film as opposed to the real way it is. I looked alot of blogs for help with this and am happy to be a part of the blogging community like the Diabetes OC. I also got engaged to my boyfriend of 5+ years and we moved in together. We're getting married next June and are in the early stages of planning (ok, I already have the dress, and I'm obsessed with it!). I got a job with a medical society doing some marketing things and am enjoying working in DC. Honestly, DC in the summer makes me so happy. I work in a great neighborhood and there's tons of stuff nearby. On Fridays, we have a walking club that walks during lunch and we strolled to the White House. Even growing up around here, I was awe struck by the fact I was at the White House and more impressively, could see the Capitol Building. It was a perfect day and I'm truly blessed to be living this life right now, enjoying everything that this big city, that sometimes feels very little, has to offer.

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