Monday, March 10, 2008


Happy Monday! This weekend was awesome, except for that dreadful time change. Friday night, the fiance' and I donned our most fabulous party duds and headed out to a new lounge in DC that looked out onto Franklin Park. We had a great time celebrating our friend Tony's 24th birthday, dancing to overly loud techno music and drinking beverages from our VIP tables. (Side note: I don't understand bottle service at bars and clubs. I understand the mark up, but seriously?) We danced and took pictures and I had the feeling more than once that this couldn't possibly be my life.

Saturday took us out into Arlington to look at an apartment complex that I found on Friday. We saw it and fell in love with a one bedroom + den with a fabulous kitchen with granite counters and hardward floors. Goodbye crazy allergies and hello luxury living! We were accepted on Sunday to the complex and we sign our lease on May 12th which will make for a crazy 5 weeks of moving and then getting married, but such is life and both the fiance' and I are super stoked. Again, I got the feeling that I am so blessed to be able to work at a great place, with great insurance, and to be able to marry a man that cares about me enough to give me the world. I'm also so grateful to my parents for all the support that they give us (as well as the excitement for us to move to somewhere really nice- my mom seemed so happy for us when I told her about everything this morning!) Even with diabetes, the stress of work, an impending move, AND marriage, I am so happy that I'm able to do and experience so many great things. Whether it be a good dinner, a warm bed, or the strong hold of the person I love.

And to that person, Happy Birthday My Love!
I'm glad that this year you will become my husband. Hope that your birthday is all that you wish it to be and much more. I love you all this world.
Hope your Monday was STELLAR!


Colleen said...

You're having a fabulous life! Keep enjoying!!

Naomi said...

Congrats on finding the new digs! Sounds like you have an incredibly busy few weeks coming up, but all positive stuff so it should be lots of fun!