Monday, April 21, 2008

The Dex Update

Today marks the 3rd day with my 2nd Dexcom sensor. On Thursday night, I got a failed sensor error from my 1st sensor. I restarted but that was short lived. On Friday, during my Adobe InDesign class, I got another failed sensor error and made a trek back to my CDE's office for another one. I've been doing marvelously since and have managed to avoid a few lows and reduce a few of the afternoon highs. I'm still at a loss for what the heck is happening to me at night and tomorrow I'm trying my hand on the treadmill to see what exactly is happening during my exercise routine.

Overall, the Dex and I are friends. So much so that I was thinking that this was the next step in my diabetes management process. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't seem to be loving that idea so after the wedding (and when I have alittle more cash to spend liberally) I'll pick up my sword and head into this battle with hopes of some reimbursement. As I've only been out on my own a year and really don't have much insurance company experience, I'm overwhelmed with what to do. I've been provided some guidance by the people at Dexcom, but I really wish someone would write "Dealing With Insurance Companies When You Have Type 1 Diabetes". If someone had told me a few months ago when I started my job, that I would need a PPO plan I might have done that...or if someone would explain how to file an appeal....or if someone could tell me how successful they were at getting coverage and what they did....all in a hand dandy book, that could be a GREAT resource, especially for us 20 somethings navigating new waters on different plans than our parents.

So, I'm using the next few days to learn as much as I can about the Dex and to prepare for my bridal shower (thrown by my wonderful maid of honor, my sister!, with help from my mom) and my bachelorette party (dinner at the Melting Pot, then a surprise that I have no idea about) and get ready for this wedding that goes down in a little over 6 weeks.

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Bernard said...


Best of luck with getting this sorted out. Kevin of ChallengeDiabetes setup the CGMSCentral site to help people figure out what different insurance companies are doing to cover CGM systems.

Since you're wedding is just around the corner (EXCITING) I think you're right to focus on the important stuff. I just hope it settles down to work before then.