Friday, March 07, 2008

The Fierce Friday Five

1. Where the heck did this week go? Seriously! Last Friday was spent with the reception coordinator at our reception location planning the delicious menu for our big day and picking out centerpieces (we're using lots of candles and it's going to be beautiful). And Saturday was a blur of hanging with College BFF and drinking and dancing at a club in DC. Sunday was spent recovering from the aforementioned drinking and dancing.

2. Project Runway Finale on Wednesday was seriously MAH JAH (that's major for all of you non-Posh Spice loving folks out there). Can we talk about the fierceness? And then can we talk about the perfect PR party---it would include Chris, Christian, Santino, and Tim Gunn--and probably Andre'.

3. And my new obession since PR is over---America's Best Dance Crew! Is anyone else completely addicted to this show, or are me and the fiance' the only people that stay up late eating cookies to watch Kaba Modern, BreakSk8, and the other break it down.?(Sigh) I wish I could dance like that.

4. We're getting married 3 months from today. HOLY SHIRTS and PANTS! I will continue to obsess about how much I have to do until June 8th when it will be over.

5. If you're a blogger in DC and would be interested in meeting up with some other bloggers (especially those with the 'betes), comment and we'll try and make it work. (Tim Gunn, I love you!)

6. Agenda for this weekend:
-Bday party tonight at overly pretenious (or so I've heard) The Park on 14th by Franklin Park. I have a feeling I will not fit in, despite the cute red dress that I bought especially for the occasion.
-Dinner tomorrow night with the 'rents to discuss all things wedding
-Cleaning my house and invisioning my move to a more beautiful apartment (more on this to come)
-Deciding what to get fiance' for his birthday on Monday. I am stuck with no ideas with the upcoming wedding.


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Hannah said...

Glad to see someone out there shares my Tim Gunn love. ;)