Monday, November 26, 2007


I start my new job tomorrow and the Christmas pageant I'm directing is in less than two weeks. I'm slightly stressed (read: very stressed) and I tend to freak out a bit. My numbers go alittle crazy and I tend to snap at people, or just become a crying-blotchy-not-so-cute mess of a human being.

I wish that I had the personality that I could just take my own advice. I always tell my friends that they spend more time worried about the test/problem/appointment than the actually event itself, but I do the same thing. I worry for days/weeks/etc about certain things that I can't change.

Maybe it's having diabetes and always wanting to have the upper hand in most situations-being well informed, prepared for anything, ready for the worst- that makes me stressed out when I don't know what's going to happen (not knowing how the new job is going to pan out, making sure we have enough actors for the pageant and not knowing where the heck to even begin in trying to sort out my thoughts about the night of the pageant itself).
Thanks so much, Big D, for contributing to my already tightly wound, prone to stress personality.

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