Friday, November 02, 2007

Dear Perez

Dear Perez Hilton (aka the Queen of All Media),

Thanks for posting about Halle Berry today and generating more than 200 comments in about an hour. As I sat at my desk and watched the number of responses to your entry about Halle Berry's completely crazy statement about weaning herself off of insulin, I was amazed by people's reaction. There was the ever present "F-U Perez!!!" and "You're fat Perez!" but there was also comments from Type 1s like me who fill their minds with your celeb coverage like it's crack (or candy, for us PWDs). Comments like "I'm a Type 1 diabetic and there is no cure" generated responses of "it is possible in some circumstances to get off insulin if you’re a type 1 diabetic" and even a mention of Type 1 diabetes meaning a mental disease.

Perez, I do not have a mental disease. I'm not a hypochondriac that read something and thought I could have diabetes nor did I start exhibiting the symptoms of diabetes on purpose. I did not do anything to my body to viciously start attacking itself. I do what I have to do to live and that is give myself insulin through an insulin pump. I monitor my blood sugar 5-10 times a day and I try and do whatever I can to keep myself healthy. I value this life and I chose everyday to live proudly with diabetes. If there was something that I could do to not have diabetes, I would gladly do it. If it was to eat raw foods, I would try it. (But having tried to educate myself as much as I can, I don't think that will help...can someone say starvation diet and how that didn't work in the long run?)

Thank you Perez for giving diabetes a place today in mainstream popular culture. Thank you for trying your best to tell people that there is a difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes even though you may have had your information alittle bit wrong. Thank you for starting a dialogue that includes at present 340 comments from people who know alot about diabetes, and from people who know very little.

Thanks for starting National Diabetes Awareness Month off with a bang, Perez.

(And Halle, don't you think you've stuck your foot in your mouth enough these days? You may be a beautiful woman and a talented actress, but one thing you are not is informed)

Many thanks,

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in search of balance said...

I read through some of the comments and was frankly stunned by how many people believe that type 1 can be cured!! How did that happen?


Looking forward to your month of posts :)