Thursday, November 08, 2007

A night out and a short post

I'm starting the long weekend off right with a Thursday night date with my fiance' and then a happy hour event with his coworkers, so who knows what time I'll be home.

We celebrated a coworkers bday today with a gluten free cake that I thought was much more carb friendly than I expected. Clocked in at a 53 mg/dl and am nursing a regular Mt. Dew. I used to be obsessed with Code Red Mt. Dew pre 'betes, but now not so much. How did I drink this stuff?

Hopefully a nice report on the DC nightlife to come tomorrow!

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Jillian said...

Hi Allison,

Thank you for delurking today! It's funny that you left a comment, as I just found your blog through a comment you left on Kerri's blog. I'm glad I was able to share those videos with you and all the other outraged members of the OC. I hope your night out went well. I'll be adding you to my blog roll, if that's alright with you?