Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brothers and Sisters

I finished watching disc one of ABC's Brothers and Sisters and one of the characters has a daughter that was diagnosed with diabetes. I assume type 1 because she has all of the symptoms (going to the bathroom and drinking tons of water), but even in a scene where the family is in the hospital, they never say which type. any of you all watch Brothers and Sisters???


Lili said...

I remember when it aired it was discussed on the Children With Diabetes forums.

Sandra Miller said...


The only episode I've ever seen of this show is the one you describe here.

And that's probably why I've never watched the program again.

As I recall, the "brothers and sisters" gather at their mom's place after the girl's diagnosis-- and they're all drinking wine and talking about other stuff...

Watching this, all I could think of was how devastated we were when our son was diagnosed-- how we could only think and talk about those things we needed to learn to take care of our son... and the fear.

I never felt that the show's writers fully appreciated the impact this diagnosis has on a family.

Allison said...


I thought the same thing. I know I was devastated when I was diagnosed and my parents later expressed how hard it was for them. The doctor in the show seems so nonchalant about diabetes...I rented Disc 2 to see if the diabetes storyline progresses. I've always been interested in how the media portrays diabetes.

I'll have to cruise over to the CWD site and check out the forums. Thanks for the tip!