Monday, November 12, 2007

I don't think they'll let me back in Giant

Tonight, after the fiance' boarded his plane to Nevada for work, I ventured out to get a few movies (Brothers and Sisters: Season 1 and Sicko) and headed to Giant to pick up some groceries for this week. I needed to get some gluten-free pasta and veggies to go in a pasta salad I'm making for my office potluck on Wednesday and some staples to get me through the week being by myself (Ben and Jerry's Low Fat Cherry Garcia and yogurt).

After going through the self checkout, I reached into my huge bag for my wallet. Digging around, meter case, extra infusion sets, sunglasses, checkbook- awesome. OK, I can write a check however ancient that might be. I realize my wallet is in the pocket of my coat (it's a small one, I put it there yesterday after I got gas), but I can pay for my groceries since I have my checkbook. Wrong. I need my license to right a check.

After being pretty much humiliated it front of the cashier that walked over to my self checkout, I tell them I'm going home to get my wallet. They save my order, I void my check, and they keep my bags. I hightail to the closest exit to set off the emergency alarm.

About half way home, I decided I wasn't going back. I'm not sure how I could have walked back there without being completely embarrassed. I 411ed Giant on my way home and explained that I would not be coming back, but I had some perishable items that they might want to put away, and thanked them.

I found my wallet. And headed to Safeway. And thought of putting two pints of Ben and Jerry's in my cart, because it's been that kinda of day.

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