Monday, November 06, 2006

A perfect morning

On Saturday, my younger sister and I walked in the National ADA America's Walk for Diabetes in DC. I was home for the weekend and went to meet up with some "diabetes friends". It was the first walk I had been to and it was amazing! The day was perfect, chilly and sunny, and the stroll around the Capitol Building made me happy to be amongst people that share the same struggles. Everyone seemed really excited to be there and to be together. My sister signed the banner "I walked for my sister" and started to get teary eyed as we headed to the National Gallery of Art after the walk. I asked what was the matter and all she said was "Man, that was cool." Feeling amazing that I had participated in something that was just alittle bit bigger than myself, we headed off to the museum with the sounds of laughing, music, and "Mom, I'm not even low" behind us...

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