Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Random posts make me smile

Whoa...so I woke up this morning to a pretty sore shoulder. I mean, enough that I had to take some Mortin and slide my backpack ever so gently over my little bump where Fierce Nurse decided to stick me. Damn those nurses at my school and their hasty flu jab. (I'm not calling it a shot anymore, it was violent and hurt so I'm now deeming them "flu jabs". Feel free to circulate the term among your friends. It's not copyrighted.)

In other news, had a low today. I had just gotten out of my film class and was on the phone with my mom and was getting ready to walk home. I started to feel slightly annoyed (which pretty much never happens when I'm on the phone with my mom :o)) and luckily, I was right by a building with ample vending machines. Got myself some delicious Skittles, parked myself on a bench, and low and behold (no pun intended) I was 56. Good thing I had decided to not attempt by .5 mile trek home (I joked with my roomies that they would have driven passed and been like "Hey, that girl laying there looks sorta like my roommate..."). Refueled and rechecked and made it home, safe and sound.

Oh and since I just found out, Happy World Diabetes Day to everyone. Seriously, we need to be able to get updates on our pumps about stuff like this. (Anyone feel like investing some money and putting a pager in a pump that would connect you to the diabetes news of the world? I'm a poor college kid, so I would need an investor)

Have a great night, Allison

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