Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stress and the betes

This past week was an awful week for the 'betes and me. As the Executive Director for the organization on my college campus and as a student, I live with stress. It's with me constantly and most of the time I do a great job managing it. But this week, we had a huge event for my org and I was super stressed. On Monday night/Tuesday morning I went to check the BG before bed and to my surprise I was 31. Eekkk. What was scary was that I didn't feel anywhere near 31. I checked again for good measure and I was 26. SCARY. Ok, glucose tabs and OJ. I felt more panicked after knowing. After 30 minutes, 2 more glasses of juice, and about a dozen tests, I was 100. Then off to bed.

I was 237 in the morning (gotta love that rebound). And was up and down until my event was over late Wednesday night.

The goal for this week is better control.

Say a prayer for me!

:o) Allison

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