Monday, November 13, 2006

The flu shot

So, I just got a flu shot on campus from the health center. This year, they had a flu shot clinic and I feel like everyone on campus was there to get theirs! I stood in line (it was kind of cattle-like), filled out my paperwork, and then was ushered over to a nurse who told me I could stand or sit (ummm...all I could think was if she jabbed me hard enough my knees would buckle, I would fall to the floor, and pass out) and then waited for me to pull my coat off. I took a seat (with the rest of the line looking at me...the pressure of not looking like a baby considering the tubing hanging from my stomach and the assumption that I am not in any way afraid of needles) and the nurse cleaned the area and was explaining that it would be a quick pinch when she stuck me. Not gently, with some force that kinda made me wanna throw up. I then had to stand up and pull my coat and bookbag on and head to work, all the while thinking "Geez, I'm alittle weak..."

Oh well, hopefully this will be the worst part of my week! Home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday-ness with my family on SATURDAY!

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