Friday, December 01, 2006

The end of the semester craziness

Monday starts my last week of class of the fall semester of my SENIOR year. Only one more semester to go and I'm starting to be very excited that I'm almost done.

The stress of the end of the semester is something that I dread. This week alone I had 2 events for the organization that I'm in charge (a restaurant night at this cute little place downtown that has amazing Greek American food and a blood drive), a test, a literature review due, and a paper due for my film class. None of which I started or thought about during my week at home. Nevertheless, everything got done (the film paper was pretty shitty...Did anyone else think the movie Lost in Translation was a waste of time???).

On the agenda for next week:
1. Reading material that will be on finals
2. Finishing my naturalistic anaylsis research paper (the bain of my existence, atleast on this list)
3. Health Portrayl anayslis paper
4. Holiday Cocktail Party that my roommates and I are hosting (it's Friday night and will be super fab, except for the fact 35 people are coming and I have no idea how we're going to feed them all)

So, it's going to be a busy one.

On the diabetes front, numbers have been fab for the past week. Of course, it couldn't be like that at home when I have my parents worrying. Met someone yesterday whose little brother has Type 1 and totally shot the shit about all things diabetes related. He's the philanthropy chair for this fraternity and their phil. happens to be JDRF. He's also the SGA president of our university so it was a pretty cool convo.

Hope that you all survived Thanksgiving and are counting down the days to whatever December holiday you celebrate!


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