Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hump Day

Thank goodness today is Wednesday. In one week, I will be (almost) done with school...i.e. my Naturalistic Paper will be turned in and almost all of my exams will be over. I seriously can't wait. I am ready for a break from everything and to not have a ton of work to do. I need to start working on job stuff which is stressful and am going to hopefully start looking around for places to apply.

But until next Wednesday, I have a ton of stuff to do. My body obviously knows this and is giving me a hard time (lows two nights in a row, making me feel like garbage and tired for the next day). I had one of those "Damn you 'betes, Damn you" days yesterday. A low in the middle of the day left me feeling overwhelmingly crummy. I've been testing a ton today to prevent any more of those.

Things to get done (in the next 3 days)
1. Health Care Portrayl Analysis Paper (on Grey's Anatomy)
2. More work on my Naturalistic Analysis paper
3. Planning/shopping/cleaning for our cocktail party on Friday
4. Studying for my first 2 exams (Monday morning)

Must. go. do. work.

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Kerri. said...

Hey Allison.

Thanks for de-lurking over at my blog. I love what you've got going on over here! If you don't mind, I'd like to add you to my blogroll this afternoon.

So welcome to the 'sphere. I'm glad you've taken the plunge and added your voice to our chaotic chorus.

-- Kerri.