Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Almost there

Well, I got my naturalistic analysis paper done last night and it's all turned in. I only have one more exam left tomorrow, then I'm leaving straight from campus to head 2 hours north to my house for 3 weeks. I cannot wait to be home celebrating the holiday with my family and to finally be done with final exams! Tonight, my roomies that are still here and I are going to hang out and watch ELF, one of my favorite Christmas movies! We've been planning hanging out all week since everyone's schedule is sooo messed up with exams and review sessions and studying.

I also have an endo appointment while I'm home, along with a check up with my regular doctor to make sure I'm all healthy before I come back here for my LAST SEMESTER! I've had a couple of highs lately (some of them due to my pump- one night last week the battery died- even though I had put a new one in just a few days before and I was super high when I finally woke up from the alarm). I also have some questions in terms of long term care and insurance stuff (since when I graduate, I'll lose the benefit of my parents AWESOME insurance). I know my A1C is probably going to be higher than I would like, so I hope I can keep good records this week and take about it with the endo next Thursday since I'm terrible at keeping a log book.

Alright, have to get back to packing up stuff to bring home. Clothes, shoes, Christmas presents that I bought at school, planner, meds, and all the diabetes junk...Blah.

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Nikki said...

I know how it sucks to graduate college and lose your parent's awesome insurance. I am too a victim!

I love your blog!