Sunday, January 21, 2007

SNOW SNOW SNOW and grooviness...

<---Current art obession: Couple Walking Through Central Park, NYC Artist: Steve Linder

Virginia has been hit by it's first snowstorm this year and I'm very excited!!! Have you seen the movie "Snow Day" that came out a few years ago? The little girl in the movie is obsessed with snow days and the town she lives in only ever gets one at a time. She does everything she can to keep the Snowplow man from plowing. It's hilarious and my roommates and I are all about getting a snow day tomorrw. No more wishing for a delay, we want a full day! We'll see what they announce tomorrow at 6am. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the idea of maybe not having to go out tomorrow and the idea missing another nonprofit class (no class last week because of MLK) which is a complete waste of time in the first place.

One of my new obession in life are my Groovy Patches from . I got them in my stocking for Christmas from my parents after having bothered them about ordering them. I pretty much don't wear a site now without wearing a Groovy Patch on top of it. I got Tropical ones for when I go to Panama City for Spring Break in March, but have been rocking the Retro and Butterflies. I'm sure my roommates are entertained when I change my site and run out of the bathroom with my shirt pulled up around my head, pointing at my stomach. Check them out. I'm a huge fan and wish I would have thought about this.

Hope each of you have been doing well. Let me know what's going with you!

:o) Allison


BetterCell said...

The snow in the photo looks great Allison. Here in NYC, it has yet to snow. I am waiting so that I can also walk through Central Park.
Enjoy your weather.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Allison - I found your blog over at Molly's blog! So you have a Cozmo too - I have NEVER seen that warning text! About the student - all I can say is OMG, she didn't even know what kind of D her Dad had?!!! Even though my kids do not want to talk about D, I am 100% sure that they know what kind I have! That is HORRIBLE. What do you say? Here I go analyzing stuff, but maybe it is the fault of the Dad who just hid his D. Still it is alarming... I LOVE snow too - it makes the world quiet, it makes the nights lighter, you can make snowmen, throw snowballs.... Have fun! Here in Belgium all it does is rain. This week we might have some flurries, but something is better than nothing. Come on over and visit my blog. I like the painting by VanGogh but Arles is pretty "slummy". The warmth from the interior of the café warms you like a warm cup of coffee. One does feel the atmosphere of the French Riviera.... Parts are getting quite seedy