Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh geeze...

Last night, I checked my bg before bed and was startled by a 486. Holy crap. Waves of panic. 3 glasses of water, multiple checks. I saw that my tubing was completely blocked. Got the kinks worked out, but woke up every few hours and check. Sailed in at a 175 this morning.

Now...pizza from a campus event for dinner and probably more gummy sour candy than I should have had and I'm 496. WTF! This is sooo not me. How does this happen? I think I'm doing so good, then BAM, like a MAC truck, I'm down.

I was looking at my averages and they have been pretty high. I need to get back on track.



ashleigh said...

horrible numbers. pizza is the worst for that. my numbers have been great but i have forgotton my new bottle of strips at school today so i'm freaking out.

type1emt said...

I've noticed several people posting about really high numbers(this week)
had one myself Wed.night. It's an epidimic.
It really will screw up stuff, just 1-2 really high numbers.I'm considering switching to a spare meter,so I can have a relatively "clean slate."If you've got a spare, you might want to consider that.(it won't help your a1c but it will help ya feel better about averages..)