Thursday, January 11, 2007

My week #1 encounter with someone who doesn't know a thing about the 'betes

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Wow! The first week of class went fast and so did this long weekend!

I'm busy working on a couple of events for the organization that I direct on campus and trying to keep up on all the work that I have already this semester. I'm taking a block class on immigration and I think there was almost 100 pages of reading just for this week. When you have 4 other classes and 2 projects to work on, the reading isn't very thorough. :o)

At the beginning of the semester, I always have run ins with people about my diabetes. It came up when I was talking to a girl in 2 of my classes. She was asking what I thought I was going to write my senior seminar paper on and I was explain my interest in the 'betes and she said "Well, my dad has diabetes"- I assume Type 2 and am not really in the mood to have the difference in diabetes talk with her- but I ask, just to make sure. She says she doesn't know.

I can't get over how you live with someone and don't know. I mean, I know about my parents' health issues only so when I go to the doctor's I can give educated answers AND not look like a complete DUMBASS about my medical history. I just said "Oh" at this point, because I didn't want to get into it anymore than I had. It frustrates me when people don't know the difference between the two and really pisses me off when they have a personal connection to the disease and are completely uneducated. <---I'm done ranting, I promise.

So what do you all say when you meet people like this? What do you say to people that don't seem to care about a disease that affects MILLIONS--20.8 to be exact--of people and people they know---like us--on a daily basis??? How do you educate without being too pushy?


Lili said...

I wish I knew! But it could be that her dad doesn't even know. I've met diabetics who didn't know what type they were or that there were two types!

bethany said...

hey allison just wanted to stop by and sort of "delurk" good luck this semester and congrats on being almost done ... i swear i'll never finish (though i'm not sure if i really want to, lol)

ooo and in response to lil's comment ... i've def. met some people who have no idea what type of diabetes they have, all they know is that they take insulin. and for the people with two types, i have "type 1.5" ... it's the most confusing thing ever :-D

BetterCell said...

What is even more worse, is meeting with Physicians that have been "over-exposed" to training/education in IRD(aka Type 2 Diabetes). So for them, their knowledge, experience and interest in T1DM is just not there.
That is why it is often difficult to find Physicians that truly know/understand/have the intelligence and desire to want to treat those with T1DM.