Friday, December 28, 2007

Come and gone

The holidays have pretty much come and gone for me. I spent the last week with family, visiting in NC, hanging out at my parents, and being with my fiance' and his crew. On Wednesday, we headed back to our apartment and began the task of unpacking our gifts and organizing our stuff. In a tiny apartment, I tend to get overwhelmed with clutter. I'm not a superbly organized person so I've signed up on one web site to receive an organizational update a day.

We're laying low for NYE it looks like. With the busy-ness that will be 2008, it might be nice to start it off quietly. Hopefully some good food, a glass of bubbly, and the hope that 2008 will be a completely awesome year.


Dad said...

Spending time with your family is always a great time--2008 holds many significant events for all of us. Thanks for being a great daughter--someone who brings love and caring and spending time with us this Christmas.

Jeff said...

Hi Allison.

Where are your daily organizational updates coming from? We moved from a big, two story home with a basement in New England to a smaller, single story house with no basement in the south. I have a tough time dealing with clutter, too, so any tips are always welcome.

Hope you had a nice, peaceful New Year.

Allison said...

Jeff- I signed up on (the Self Magazine website) I get one e-mailed to me everyday.