Tuesday, October 03, 2006

That alarm

So yesterday I had my very first embarassing pump experience: I had noticed that my low battery alarm kept coming on, but figured my battery would last until the end of the day. Oh I was wrong. I'm in my first class- Intro to Health Com- and I start hearing this blaring beep which progressively gets louder. I'm like "please idiot, turn off your cell" but then I realize "it's me!" I scramble to get the battery out, only make more noise in my class of 45 people during a lecture. The professor finally looks annoyed and says "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TURN OFF THEIR PHONE!" and I stand up, apologize, and run out of the room. I go out into the hall and get the battery out, try and calm myself down. Luckily, this is one of my professors who knows about my diabetes, so when I reenter the room, she gives me a simpathetic look. I sit through the next 45 minutes of my class and try and relax and listen, only wondering how high my blood sugar will be when I finally get a new battery in my pump (of course I don't have any in my backpack). After class, I apologize to the professor who looks at me and apologizes for embarassing me in front of the class. She says if she ever hears the noise again, she won't yell :o) I would appreciate that. I explain that when you depend on alittle device to help you, you have to remember it is a machine.

I have a presentation in that class on Friday. On diabetes.

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