Monday, February 19, 2007

He's some kind of wonderful

My boyfriend and I have been together 5+ years. Most people that I meet in college are sort of shocked to hear that I've been dating someone for that long and our relationship has endured the 127+ miles to and from his school to mine and almost 4 years of being apart. But, I love him more today than I ever thought I would love anyone in my whole life.

As I start applying for jobs and trying to figure out what I'm going to do back home, one of the things that makes me less nervous and more happy is that we'll get to be together. I'm happy that I'll be able to meet my sweetheart for dinner in the city, spend the weekends with him doing things like getting groceries and helping him to clean up his house, and hopefully living close enough to him so that I can be there if he needs me.

There are days I wish he understood more about diabetes, but I know he tries as hard as can. I asked him this weekend if I could put a site in him and couldn't help he would probably think I had gone off my rocker. I just thought if maybe he understand what it was like to just do that, maybe he would understand me just alittle bit more (I even offered to let him wear a groovy patch if he wanted) I'm sure that having a girlfriend that breaks up with you because her blood sugar is low is not pleasant (yes, this happened freshman year and was the closet I had ever come to passing out. I had to call him and tell him I couldn't really remember why we fought and that I was sorry.) or even convienent. But, since the beginning, he's been there. In the clinic where I was diagnosed, he was there for me to rest my head on and hold my hand. He is there to be uncertain of the future with. To rely on when there's no one else around who know what to do. To be comfortable enough to show the site to and comfortable enough to say, "Please scoot over, you're laying on my pump cord".

We go together better than pancakes and sugar-free syrup. We balance each other like orange juice and low blood sugar. We love each other more than a diabetic loves cake (and as I diabetic, I certainly am crazy about cake!).

Reddog, you are my best friend and I love you. Thanks for putting up with me, taking care of me, and being the light in what seems kinda dark. <3


Anonymous said...

I love you all this world baby :)

Chrissie in Belgium said...

So glad you have each other and that you appreciate your relationship!

BetterCell said...

Hi Allison.....Now that it is March, has all the snow in VA. melted?
Where will you be looking for work?
And YES.....T1DM does affect Relationships w/People. Both Hypo and Hyperglycemia can have an affect on one's Self and how they relate to others as WE all know. But, it also should never be used as an excuse for the behaviors that we are able to control from those that we are not(Hypoglycemia).