Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Introducing "Silly Sightings in the City"

Now that I'm officially a commuter, I've seen some pretty crazy things on my trek into DC in the mornings and on my way home to the NoVA 'burbs in the afternoon. I've decided to incorporate all the crazy stuff and my general thoughts about the city into this blog once a week and will call it "Silly Sightings in the City."

I hope you enjoy.

Silly Sightings Week #1 and Week #2
1. Many men in blue seersucker suits. Seersucker strikes me as funny, I'm not sure why. I guess I expect to see a frat boy in it, and not middle aged men.
2. A man with a "Special K" tattoo, like the cereal logo, holding onto the same pole as me on the train. It made me hungry.
3. A little boy staring at my pump tubing sticking out from my shirt and probably thinking I was going to blow up or something. When I smiled at him, he scowled at me and looked at his mom. I imagine he was relieved when I got off the train without combusting.
4. A woman who looked like Bert from Sesame Street. She had the biggest and most bushy uni-brow that I have ever seen in my entire 22 years.

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