Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Be the change you wish to see

Yesterday, March 25th, was the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Alert Day. The premise for Diabetes Alert Day is to be a one-day, “wake-up” call to inform the American public about the seriousness of diabetes. The American Diabetes Association encourages people to take the Diabetes Risk Test and find out if they are at risk for developing diabetes.

I've been reading alot of blog chatter about the revalance of Alert Day and my conclusions after reading all of this remains that Alert Day is a great idea. Type 2 diabetes is an epidemic and it's true, 1/3 of the people that have diabetes don't know that they do. I have friends and family that have Type 2 and yes, their struggle with diabetes is very different then mine. I want everyone I know to know their risk for the disease and learn as much about both types of diabetes as they can. Yesterday wasn't about "us" as Type 1s, it was about promoting the overall idea that you should be informed of your risk for developing a serious illness. And awareness and prevention is a great thing.

As to making a Type 1 Alert Day, why isn't everyday an Alert Day for us? Why isn't everyday about educating people about Type 1, breaking down the stereotypes, and taking the best care of the disease that we have? I don't think appointing one day to tell everyone I know about Type 1 is going to benefit them that much, but rather having those moments at work when someone looks at the tubing snaking out from my shirt and gives me a funny look is the time to tell them "I have Type 1 diabetes, that's the autoimmune kind". I think having the discussion with family on an everyday (or atleast often enough) basis about how diabetes affects you is what it's all about. So the blogsphere may decide on a day to get their alert out, but I'm alerting everyday.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Six word memoir

Holy cow. Six words, this is going to be tough. Thanks for the tags, Jillian, Kerri, and Jules.

So here we go.

relax. enjoy the moment. perservere always.

1. Write your own six word memoir;
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Seems like everyone has been tagged, so I tag anyone that hasn't!

Friday, March 21, 2008

ADA Alert Day Video- Check it Out!

Big props to ADA for creating an awesome awareness piece. I'm hoping maybe this video educates a very more people on the risk factors for diabetes.

Endo Appointment- Getting what you want...

Wednesday morning I had an appointment at my new Endo's. The morning started out really rough with an awful low in the middle of the night and waking up to find myself completely disconnected from my pump and teetering in the 300s. I knew this did not bode well for my arrival at the new endo's office.

My fiance' went with me to eliminate the stress of trying to find the place (I get lost...alot...despite having a navigation system). I saw a younger PA named Wendy and her student which was actually really cool ("Do you mind if Nadine feels your enlarged thyroid gland, as well?) She was extensive in doing my family history and even did a pretty decent exam. And then came to the how happy I was with the pump and how efficient I was with carb counting. I think I do a good job, but I'd love to really get a better idea of how my body is responding to the foods that I eat and to the exercise that I'm trying to incorporate to get my cholesterol down. So, Wendy told me about their CDE Kim that's in charge of their pump starts AND THEIR CGMs!!! So, on April 15, I'm meeting with Kim to test out a Dexcom for a week. Supposedly, she's had some great luck in getting it approved in the last few months, so if it's something that I like, she can help me out.

I'm super excited about trying it out-but sort of nervous. I've read alot about CGMs technology and I'm hoping that I find wearing one to be beneficial rather than a hindrance. This is a sort of crazy time in my life right now, but I figured I would give it a go and then maybe try it again after the wedding sometime this summer. Do you all have any advice on wearing a CGM? Let me know!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Now, Happy Hence, Happy Ever After

Happy day after St. Patrick's Day! Hope that your day was especially green! I celebrated my not so Irish heritage with some friends, sipping on pomergranted martinis and some wine.

My schedule is filling up quickly for the week. Tonight is my 1st (and hopefully only) wedding dress fitting, so I'm heading down to my parents' place for dinner and a trek to the bridal shop. I was pretty sure of what I wanted and I bought it straight off the rack because it fit so well, so it'll be interesting to see how I've done exercising and eating over the last few months. Our invitations arrived last night and I've been proudly showing them off to friends and have one in my bag to show to my parents tonight. Then, it's on to making sure the guest list is completely set and then they can go out the first week in April.

I also have my first appointment with my new Endo (I've had a 2 "new" Endos in the past 6 months, thanks to my job craziness). So look for a report sometime later this week. Tomorrow night is a friend's birthday party and this weekend will be spent celebrating Easter with my family.

So, busy-ness and happiness...which is great.

And to add another "ness"- randomness, my coworker just sent me an e-mail that said "the word "set" has the most number of definitions in the English language: 192." She's an awesome Type 1 pumper as well. So I know her favorite "set" definition. :o)

My 7 words

Live with passion. Educate others. Persevere always.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A thought...

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. -EB White


Happy Monday! This weekend was awesome, except for that dreadful time change. Friday night, the fiance' and I donned our most fabulous party duds and headed out to a new lounge in DC that looked out onto Franklin Park. We had a great time celebrating our friend Tony's 24th birthday, dancing to overly loud techno music and drinking beverages from our VIP tables. (Side note: I don't understand bottle service at bars and clubs. I understand the mark up, but seriously?) We danced and took pictures and I had the feeling more than once that this couldn't possibly be my life.

Saturday took us out into Arlington to look at an apartment complex that I found on Friday. We saw it and fell in love with a one bedroom + den with a fabulous kitchen with granite counters and hardward floors. Goodbye crazy allergies and hello luxury living! We were accepted on Sunday to the complex and we sign our lease on May 12th which will make for a crazy 5 weeks of moving and then getting married, but such is life and both the fiance' and I are super stoked. Again, I got the feeling that I am so blessed to be able to work at a great place, with great insurance, and to be able to marry a man that cares about me enough to give me the world. I'm also so grateful to my parents for all the support that they give us (as well as the excitement for us to move to somewhere really nice- my mom seemed so happy for us when I told her about everything this morning!) Even with diabetes, the stress of work, an impending move, AND marriage, I am so happy that I'm able to do and experience so many great things. Whether it be a good dinner, a warm bed, or the strong hold of the person I love.

And to that person, Happy Birthday My Love!
I'm glad that this year you will become my husband. Hope that your birthday is all that you wish it to be and much more. I love you all this world.
Hope your Monday was STELLAR!

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Fierce Friday Five

1. Where the heck did this week go? Seriously! Last Friday was spent with the reception coordinator at our reception location planning the delicious menu for our big day and picking out centerpieces (we're using lots of candles and it's going to be beautiful). And Saturday was a blur of hanging with College BFF and drinking and dancing at a club in DC. Sunday was spent recovering from the aforementioned drinking and dancing.

2. Project Runway Finale on Wednesday was seriously MAH JAH (that's major for all of you non-Posh Spice loving folks out there). Can we talk about the fierceness? And then can we talk about the perfect PR party---it would include Chris, Christian, Santino, and Tim Gunn--and probably Andre'.

3. And my new obession since PR is over---America's Best Dance Crew! Is anyone else completely addicted to this show, or are me and the fiance' the only people that stay up late eating cookies to watch Kaba Modern, BreakSk8, and the other break it down.?(Sigh) I wish I could dance like that.

4. We're getting married 3 months from today. HOLY SHIRTS and PANTS! I will continue to obsess about how much I have to do until June 8th when it will be over.

5. If you're a blogger in DC and would be interested in meeting up with some other bloggers (especially those with the 'betes), comment and we'll try and make it work. (Tim Gunn, I love you!)

6. Agenda for this weekend:
-Bday party tonight at overly pretenious (or so I've heard) The Park on 14th by Franklin Park. I have a feeling I will not fit in, despite the cute red dress that I bought especially for the occasion.
-Dinner tomorrow night with the 'rents to discuss all things wedding
-Cleaning my house and invisioning my move to a more beautiful apartment (more on this to come)
-Deciding what to get fiance' for his birthday on Monday. I am stuck with no ideas with the upcoming wedding.